Bendettah is unfortunately not coming to Sweden as planned

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Many people and organisations had looked forward to her arrival here this weekend, for a three weeks stay in Skåne, Göteborg and Stockholm. Meetings and activities had been planned, but have to be postponed. Her request for a visa was unfortunately denied for various reasons.

“We are very sorry and disappointed, but we are determined to get her here later on this year or next year,” Louise Felldin says, Chairman of fromone2another.

Bendettah is the founder and director of Nikumbuke Center and has never been to Sweden before. She visited her partners in Wisconsin, USA, a couple of years ago, and is very much looking forward to also getting to know Sweden, the Swedes and meeting all her different partners here.

Apart from fromone2another she is also working with Amzungo Volontärresor, Volontärresor AB and Lerum Aspen Rotary Club.

“We are now waiting for a word from the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi to see how we can follow up on this matter. We will most likely have to make a new visa application, but we are convinced we will get her here some day, hopefully soon.” Louise Felldin says.

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