Board meeting

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Here we are! Finally we are ready to launch our newsletter, which we will send out four times a year. But we will more regularly post news on our website and on Facebook, so stay in tune!
Saturday we gathered with great enthusiasm for our yearly board meeting in Sickla, Stockholm. Kristina Hagström-Illiveska had brought her one month old son Alexander, and declared she now wants to step down from the post as chairman, but will stay on as our treasurer. Louise Felldin is now our new chairman and Christina Lundin took on the role as secretary and editor of news and newsletter. Elena Brandter was hungry for more assignments and will continue on her roles as IT and webpage manager together with helping Christina with the editing of news but will now be also incharge for events and fund raising. Elif Schmidt Yurtsever is assisting in organizing events and other projects, and in charge of collecting cell phones to raise money for the project.
The biggest issue for the day was how to support Nikumbuke center to become more self sufficient and not so reliant on receiving volunteers and donations. Different ideas were raised and will be discussed more with Bendettah.
With this newsletter we hope to give you a clearer picture of what is going on with the women in Nikumbuke and LungaLunga and the different projects. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to learn and read about, please let us know. Our next newsletter will come in early August.
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Om From One to Another

From One to Another's vision är en värld av utbildade medborgare. Genom att stödja flickors utbildning bidrar vi till att hela samhällen utbildas och utvecklas. Vår arbetsmodell är att erbjuda stipendier och bidra till hållbara kvinnocenter runt flickorna ihop med deras mödrar och mottagande organisationer på plats.

From One to Another är en svensk, ideell organisation som arbetar med opinionsbildning och insamling via privatpersoner och företag. From One to Another verkar i enlighet med Svensk Insamlingskontrolls riktlinjer och krav.
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