2016 Nikumbuke Scholarship Program recipients announced

58 happy teenage girls have received their scholarships, which will give them the opportunity to attend another important year of high school education. The girls met with their mothers and the leaders of the NGO Project Nikumbuke.

2016 is the third year that we, fromone2another, run a sponsorship program for high school girls in Nikumbuke. The first two years only girls from the villages of LungaLunga, Godo and Perani participated in the program. This year we have also included girls from the villages Jirani and Mbakani.

– This means that we have increased the number of qualified girls from 34 to 58. We are very happy to have found sponsors for all these grants, says Louise Felldin, the chairman of fromone2another.

The grants were given to the girls at a gathering in LungaLunga just in time before the spring semester. The girls met up with their mothers, who are all very proud of their daughters. Bendettah also made the happy announcement, that the first two massai girls now have completed primary education and will continue to high school, unique news that has made Nikumbuke famous in the southeast region of Kenya.

Most of the high school girls go to boarding schools, which are spread out all over the country, for their safety and to save money on transportation. The grant is 24.000 Kenya shillings, or 2.000 Swedish kronor. The cost of the school differs, so for the more expensive schools the parents have to contribute as well.

School fees are a big expense for the often-poor families in the LungaLunga area. When the family cannot afford to pay the school bill, the girl is sent home until the fee is payed. The scholarship is therefore a big help, and sometime the only waranty, to keep the girls in school all through the school year, for a cohesive learning.

– We are very happy to contribute to education, which is the major key for equality and a better life. And we are very thankful to our sponsors that help us to do so, Louise Felldin says.

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