Bendettah´s visit to Sweden

Next week, the 13th of April, Bendettah will be landing in Sweden for the first time. Three intensive weeks are awaiting her, packed with meetings, lectures and events in Stockholm, Göteborg, Skåne and Östergötland.

– “We are so happy and excited to finally be able to host Bendettah”, Louise Felldin says, chairman of Fromone2another. She herself has worked very hard to make this come true and assure that Bendettah would get her visa application granted the second time around.
– “Our wish is for Bendettah to meet as many people and partners as possible, in order to find new ideas and projects for a sustainable and expanding Nikumbuke Center”, Louise says. She will meet with former volunteers as well as new and old partners and sponsors of Nikumbuke Center.

The first days in Sweden, Bendettah will have some time to rest from the long trip and to do some sightseeing in the capital, Stockholm. The work starts on day three.

– “We will formally start with a conference with Fromone2another, where we will discuss Bendetta´s needs and wishes for Nikumbuke Center and prepare her for the upcoming scheduled meetings”, Louise says.

On April 16th Bendettah will take the train to Gothenburg, where she will be staying until the 22nd. In Gothenburg she will be hosted by Lerum Aspen Rotary Club, together with whom she is running the project Ruby cups in LungaLunga. This project´s goal is to make it possible for young girls and women to stay in school even during menstruation, with the use of menstruation cups. These cups can be used for up to ten years.

Bendettah will be giving speeches to several Rotary clubs, but also to a high school and a secondary school in Lerum. Rotary will also host a big public event on April 20th where Bendettah will tell more about her work for strengthening and educating women and girls and all the different projects she is running.

In Gothenburg Bendettah will have meetings with Nikumbukes two partner organisations Amzungo Volontärresor and Volontärresor. She will have one day of sightseeing and then of to Skåne to meet friends and former volunteers.

After visiting a couple of places in Skåne, Bendettah will take the train to Östergötland for some busy days with different meetings, among them teacher trainers at Linköping University.

Back in Stockholm another public event will be awaiting on April 28th. She will then be able to meet some of the people that help us with their donations and ideas. Before returning to Kenya she will meet with her host Fromone2another to summarize the time spent in Sweden, summarise ideas and translate them into part of next year’s strategi and to go through all new and old contacts met in the past three weeks. Then she will be off to Västervik´s archipielago for a couple days of relaxation celebrating a true Swedish Valborg.

Anyone interested in attending the public events in Lerum or Stockholm is warmly welcome! If possible, just let us know in advance that you are coming.

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