Tre nya kvinnocenter i Kenya

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­­­– Nu knyter vi till oss tre nya byar och etablerar kvinnocenter i dem. Det känns stort, konstaterar Lars Gundersen, vice ordförande i FOTA (From One To Another). Han och kansliansvarige Helena Rabe var nyligen i Kenya för att besöka de nya byarna som ligger i närheten av huvudbyn Lunga Lunga där Nikumbuke har sitt [...]

Ruby Cups helps girls stay in school

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Menstruation is the most common reason for teenage girls to drop out of school. It is also a common reason for prostitution in countries like Kenya.Girls cannot afford menstruation pads or tampons and are too embarrassed to go to school during their period. Therefore, a new project has [...]

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Louise was impressed!

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”There was definitely a lot of change”, says Louise Felldin, who returned to Nikumbuke and Lunga Lunga in March after three years. She was overwhelmed by all the reunions and also by going through all the projects with Bendettah. ”Everything is kept in perfect order and the operations have grown substantially”, she summarizes. “When [...]

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Medical supplies

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The medicine supply to cure malaria, cough and pain is now full at Nikumbuke health clinic thanks to a donation from the advertising agency Markus in Linköping. It used to be Louise Felldin´s old working place and when she visited them before her trip to LungaLunga, the staff spontaneously fundraised 5 200 Swedish krona. [...]

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Project Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center… accomplished!!

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When we first initiated FromOne2Another, we had the goal of raising funds for the construction of the Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center. In order to do that we needed some means for communicating our goal and getting people interested in helping out. We therefore started up the organisation, registered with the tax authorites, created [...]

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