Great results in the From One To Another scholarship program

2017 From One To Another scholarship program recipients

On November 30, Nikumbuke’s leader Bendettah Muthina gathered all the high school girls and their mothers, to celebrate the From One To Another (FOTA) scholarship program recipients 2017. Ahead of 2017 – there were 71 qualified girls waiting for scholarships. After a successful fundraising campaign, and continues support from present sponsors, all girls could receive scholarships, enabling another year of studies.

During the meeting, the girls were prepared with good advice and a lot of cheers from both teachers and mothers. They wrote letters to their sponsors – expressing dreams for the future as well as worries. Many of the girls have to struggle for good grades but they do well.

Of the 73 individuals that we have had in the program during 2014-2016, there has only been one (1) drop-out, due to pregnancy. Of the 14 girls who have completed their exams – 8 of them (57 %) have continued to university or college. Mainly to teachers or nursing college but Alice is studying ICT at Mombasa Technical Institute. And Judith is taking courses in criminology at the university, parallel to her work as a teacher. She is saving for law school and very determined. When writing this article another 9 graduates from 2016 are waiting for their examination results. We keep our fingers crossed for good grades and more girls to college! Education is the key to equality and a better life for everyone.

Who we are?

From One To Another is a Swedish non-profit organization focusing on enabling education and health for girls and women in southeast Kenya. Studies show that girls and womens’ improved health, and higher education, provides significant positive social effects. The school also protect girls from exploitation, human trafficking, as well as slave-like work.

Bank: Nordea | Clearing number: 3219 | Acount Number: 23 24081
BIC/SWIFT: NDEASESS | IBAN: SE8330000000032192324081

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