Happy day at the soccer field!

There was great joy and excitement among the woman when the big soccer tournament took place at the end of March.

Eight teams, representing one village each in Nikumbuke, plus the tailoring girls met on the soccer field.

They had been practising twice a week all winter long at their different centres, and Bendettah even had hired a person who taught them the rules and techniques.

It is Araceli and Britty, from the university of Wisconsin, who introduced the game and are sponsoring it in different ways, like shirts for all the different teams.

For this special occasion they had also borrowed a real soccer field from a nearby secondary school.

” We did not announce the winner, although it was tailoring girls, because we didn´t want the women to feel sad or frustrated because the young girls won”, Bendettah says and adds that everyone was very happy with the day.

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