Maasai girl made it to high school – Meet Margreth Daniels!

The first Maasai girl from Nikumbuke Center is now a high school student. The fact that a Maasai-girl has made it all the way to high school is not only big news in the center, but also in the whole region around LungaLunga. This was made possible through a special scholarship, granted by Fromone2another.

Many children in Kenya lack the possibility to go to secondary school (high school), especially girls, due to financial constraints. Few Maasai girls have the possibility to attend high school due to both financial constraints and a inequality.

– “We would like our daughters to go to school, but our husbands think it is a waste of money”, the mothers explain.

Kenyan primary school is supposed to be free of cost, but is not in real life. In order to go to school, you need a uniform that costs 650 Kenyan Shillings (60 SEK). You have to pay the school a fee of 1800 Kenyan Shillings (120 SEK) per year, plus the expenses for commuting and lunch. This means that many Maasai-girls have to stay at home working, when their brothers are off to school. Due to the work of NGOs, the government and mothers, this sad trend is slowly changing. Former volunteers of Nikumbuke have initiated financial programs, helping groups of Maasai girls to pay their fees, enabling them to get an education. One of the founders is also a board member of Fromone2another, Christina Lundin.

Last Christmas, the first Maasai girl within this program graduated from primary school with very good grades, so good she could apply to high school. Her name is Margreth Daniels.

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