Nikumbuke Scholarship Program – High School Girls

”Work hard so you can complete your education and become teachers or nurses to help out here at the centre” mother Mary told the thirty high school girls.

They had all gathered at Nikumbuke centre in LungaLunga on May 1st, their last day of a month of school holidays.

All of them had arrived together with their mothers and they came from the groups of Godo, Perani and LungaLunga.

Bendettah greeted them and then gave the chance to three mothers and one of the schoolgirls to talk to the rest of the girls.

Kanuu from Godo told the girls to be strong, not to be cheated by men with small amount of money. She also told them that after they complete their studies they would be able to get good jobs and earn money for themselves. Shida from Perani encouraged the girls to do well so they later on can join university and be role models for other girls and be good examples for Nikumbuke.

Bendettah’s daughter Jacinta Mutua talked to the rest saying that they should do well in their exams to show their parents that they have heard what they are saying. She also said that she hoped they would all join college or university to promote Nikumbuke and to reach a better status, not like their mothers who have not gone to school.

Bendettah also spoke to the girls and their mothers:

”I told the girls that I am aging and before I retire I would like to have someone from the program to take over as the director of Nikumbuke. Also I told them to be role models for the mentors who are coming to Kenya and prove to their sponsors that their money will lead to good jobs and both personal and area development” Bendettah says.

The girls also wrote letters to their sponsors, thanking them for their support.

On Monday May 4th all the girls started their second semester at their different schools. They will attend school for another three months before the summer holidays. Next time they meet will be in early September.

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