Project Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center… accomplished!!

When we first initiated FromOne2Another, we had the goal of raising funds for the construction of the Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center. In order to do that we needed some means for communicating our goal and getting people interested in helping out. We therefore started up the organisation, registered with the tax authorites, created this webpage and also our Facebook page “Project Nikumbuke Fundraising”.

Our first mission: Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center
Our first mission was divided into two areas:

– Construction of Project Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center: To fund and build a suitable and cost-efficient healthcare facility with possibilities to treat patients and to provide education for larger groups of women and girls.

– Modern Tools: To assist women participating in the project to be a part of the 21st century we decided to provide the organization with new computers so they can run a computer class. With basic computer skills these women would not only be able to find jobs, but also access all the information the internet can provide. The Lunga Lunga area has access to basic internet connection, however without computers it was just unattainable.  We have now sent 10 laptops and the first computer lessons are up and running!!

Nikumbuke Health and Educational Center… the new building is ready!!!

The chosen construction material in Kenya/Africa depends on how much money one has. Better materials are sign of status. Often it´s only clay, grass and branches and braided palm used for the building of the  roof.

Being aware of how important it was to build a long lasting building, we decided to put a little extra and build the center with a wooden structure, brick walls which were plastered and painted and tin roofs, except for the Bandas for mentors.
Even though tin roofs can make the building very warm, they are also used for water collection that is then chanalized to a water container.

With the help of many individuals and a few companies, we managed to raise a total of 75 000 sek which in return financed the above two phases.  The below sketch shows the layout of the completed construction, and the first facilities of the Nikumbuke project.

The floor plan…

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