Vi minns Christina Lundin

By | 2017-05-16T11:54:11+00:00 maj 14th, 2017|Högtider|

För ett år sedan förlorade vi en mycket kär vän och FOTA-kollega. En passionerad hängiven mästare för kvinnans rätt till jämlikhet, hälsa och utbildning. Christina Lundin grundade Nikumbuke Ruby-cup-projektet samt stipendier för maasai-tjejer i grundskolan. Den här bilden togs när Bendettah Muthina Thomas besökte Christina i Lerum, strax efter ett stort Rotary-event med nästan [...]

Bendettah´s visit to Sweden

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Next week, the 13th of April, Bendettah will be landing in Sweden for the first time. Three intensive weeks are awaiting her, packed with meetings, lectures and events in Stockholm, Göteborg, Skåne and Östergötland. - “We are so happy and excited to finally be able to host Bendettah”, Louise Felldin says, chairman of Fromone2another. [...]

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Bendettah´s journey!

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Bendettah´s biggest dream was to become a teacher. But her father, who had ten children with two wives, could not afford to send her to college. Now she is in charge of the Nikumbuke´s Women Center, where she and her staff teach and support more than 600 women and girls in [...]

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Bendettah is finally coming to Sweden!

By | 2017-01-18T13:30:52+00:00 mars 16th, 2016|Other|

Meet her in Gothenburg/Lerum on the 20th  of April and in Stockholm on the 28th. A happy and overwhelmed Bendettah Muthina Thomas, director of Nikumbuke, received her visa to come to Sweden at the embassy in Nairobi this very morning. It was her fifth long trip from LungaLunga to Kenya´s capital in order [...]

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Looking forward to Bendettah´s visit

By | 2017-01-18T12:03:29+00:00 oktober 2nd, 2015|Other|

It was a huge disappointment that Bendettah, the leader of Nikumbuke Center, could not make it to Sweden this August/September as planned. She was unfortunately denied a visa from the Swedish embassy in Nairobi. However, we are not giving up! We have made some enquiries and are now more confident in the visa [...]

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Bendettah is unfortunately not coming to Sweden as planned

By | 2017-01-18T11:25:43+00:00 augusti 18th, 2015|Other|

Many people and organisations had looked forward to her arrival here this weekend, for a three weeks stay in Skåne, Göteborg and Stockholm. Meetings and activities had been planned, but have to be postponed. Her request for a visa was unfortunately denied for various reasons. “We are very sorry and disappointed, but we are [...]

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Big News! Bendettah will be coming to Sweden in August!

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Bendettah is invited to come to Sweden by a former mentor. If things work out as planned, she will arrive here in the middle of August and stay for three weeks. First, she will enjoy ten days of holiday touring Skåne together with her host Marie-Louise Glaving. Then she will travel on to Göteborg [...]

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8th of March – International Women´s Day

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"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights" Gloria Steinem International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some [...]

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