Worlds Children´s Prize

The young ”Stars” in Nikumbuke helped to make Phymean Noun from Cambodia the winner of the Worlds Children´s Prize 2015.

Together with millions of children and teenagers all around the world, they participate in the Global vote for the rights of a child.

74 girls from Nikumbuke participated in the Global Vote program, but only 48 were in the right age to vote.

– Since I once participated in a global vote, in 2012, I have seen with my own eyes what this program means for the girls. They become aware of the world and their rights as children. To set up an election on their own, without the help of adults, also is a mega boost for their self-esteem, and they have great fun at the same time, Louise Felldin says.

Every year three children rights activists are nominated for the World´s Children Prize. Their life stories, and the stories of the children they are fighting for, are spread to children, schools and organizations all over the world. The main purpose is to teach them about their rights and democracy.

– Once they have learned that they have rights as children, they can contribute to a change, Louise Felldin says.

So far over 38 million children have participated in the Global Vote. In Nikumbuke, the school has been a global vote friend, and an important part of the Stars program, for the last four years.

The three nominated persons 2015 were:

– Phyman Noon, from Cambodja, who has dedicated her life to give kids living on the garbage dumps in Phnom Phen, a better life and help them to get an education.

– Javier Stauring, from the US, who is fighting for children in prison.

– Kailash Sathyarthi, from India who is working to prevent child labour and slavery.

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